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A message from Professor Monika Grütters, Minister of State and Member of the German Bundestag

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The Absurd

ID Festival 2021 5th anniversary ABSURD online edition

Under the patronage of the minister of state for culture and the media, Prof. Monika Grütters MP

Streamed live from radialsystem Berlin and BOXWERK München

When we started working on the 5th edition, little did we know that the world would soon be teaching us a thing or two about the absurd. In retrospect, the choice of topic for our anniversary edition seems innocent. Sure, life was absurd enough then as it is now. But everyone would agree, that the absurd of the world of yesterday, was different.

The absurd as a theme, as one might expect, proved inspiring for curation, as well as for creation. We had many exciting ideas, a dozen of which we made into projects. Having had to push back the events from last April to this year, we already had to see some projects sadly go. It became clear that travelling would be an issue. Now, with the latest decision to keep all theaters closed until April, we’re required to further reduce. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to host any physical events at all. Like most cultural events in our time, ID Festival, too, will be available online-only.

Are we happy about this? There’s a beautiful word for it in German: Jein. Well, we cannot say that we’re happy that some artists won’t be able to present their work, or that we weren’t able to realize all the ideas we had. It is sad that we won’t be able to meet each other in person and shake hands. Or have a toast. Or hug. Still, we can stream and reflect on the absurd, and be reminded of how great it is that we can still do what we like the most. Create, rehearse, perform. Even if our visitors cannot physically attend this time around, we still find a way to celebrate together online. We have worked hard on this anniversary edition and we are going to present it to you digitally. Proudly.

What to expect in the 2021 ID Festival Online Edition?

For starters, we are delighted about a new cooperation with the Munich HIDALGO Festival. We will stream the innovative project »Box-Salon« live from the Bavarian capital. It is a song recital which takes place in the unusual setting of a boxing ring. Likewise extraordinary is the Verworner-Krause Kammerorchester, or VKKO, a two-headed techno-classical monster led by a composers-conductors duo. For their debut at ID Festival, we have commissioned the work »Eternal Valley«. Berlin-based Israeli pianist Or Solomon will highlight the avant-garde from the perspective of jazz. Together with his 8 piece band, Or Solomon & Lightning Orchestra will perform a wild, spontaneous and predictably unexpected set of free improvisation music.

SHIUR is an ongoing project supported by ID Festival since 2017. Founded in Berlin, the format offers text-based immersive experiences, engaging with texts ranging from the Jewish Kabbalah and Zen Koans to contemporary authors, philosophers and thinkers. As the festival is about to take place a week before Passover, we will be exploring the theme of transcending freedom associated with the Jewish holiday. Passover is a holiday that connects freedom with the right to be different. The experience will include a text reading, discourse, meditation, light and sound journey.

The real diva in this year’s edition will be Anali Goldberg. Emerging from the queer club scene, Anali uses psychoanalysis and some other, less conventional methods, to guide spectators on a tour in her genderfluid animal collection in the world prermiere of »Wu Seyen di Chayes«. The Israeli-German duo Claudia Eisinger and Marchissio, aka Six Feet Palace, will present their debut project: »The Code«. Accompanied by Cosimo Miorelli’s live painting the three will weave musical frequencies and hypnotic texts in our live-stream of the work’s premiere performance, to offer a mind-purifying experience.

~ Ohad Ben-Ari, Founder & Artistic Director

© Ruthe Zuntz

Our History

ID Festival was founded in 2015 with the aim to serve as a platform for Israeli artists to showcase their works to local audiences. The “Israel-Deutschland” festival highlights the connection between the “I” and the “D” of its acronym as a paradigm of hope, change, tolerance and understanding. It fosters collaborations between Israeli artists and local artists and art institutions, with further focus on building bridges with other minority groups in Germany.

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© Adar Aviam & Charlotte Sauvaget
© Adar Aviam & Charlotte Sauvaget