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Box-Salon | A HIDALGO Festival production
Songs by John Dowland and Kurt Weill 

Singer Andromahi Raptis (Staatstheater Nuremberg) and pianist Jonathan Ware (Hugo-Wolf-Award winner) aren’t the only ones competing against each other at the ID Festival israelisch-deutsches Festival »Box-Salon« – but also real boxers with real punches. A physical staging of grief and its five phases by director Tom Wilmersdörffer with piano improvisations over smacking boxing gloves.

Mourning in the Boxing Ring

A woman lies struck down on the floor in the ring. She gets up and continues to fight. Not against an opponent, because they have already won, but with herself. She cries, she screams, she throws everything away – and in the end finds something like peace. The »Box-Salon« deals with the grief that hits us when we have lost something great and a part of ourselves dies. Dealing with it usually involves going through five specific phases: denial, anger, negotiating, depression and acceptance of the situation. In this musical production, we experience the mourning process along with the songs by John Dowland and Kurt Weill.

On the surface, their very different works tell somewhat differently framed stories, but behind the scenes, they fit into the universal phases of coping with grief. The songs from the 16th and the first half of the 20th century touch us directly and give us an idea of how timeless grief is perceived, lived through and processed. The internal struggle of the defeated boxer is carried out by athletes of the BOXWERK München.

»Surprising concept and exciting delivery.« BR Rundschau

HIDALGO is Munich’s most exciting classical music start-up. The interdisciplinary team combines paradoxical worlds into intense, intoxicating experiences. With the highest standards of musical quality, HIDALGO produces innovative concert formats and has organized the annual HIDALGO Festival for Young Classical Music since 2018. It creates video installations, commissions sound designers, and confronts romantic poetry with modern lyricism. What’s allowed is what comes together to form something greater.

Amateur and professional athletes have been training at the BOXWERK München since 2009 and have won numerous titles. In addition to the sporting operation, the Munich institution is strongly committed socially and culturally. It is headed by Nick Trachte, Vice President of the Bavarian Boxing Association.

Andromahi Raptis

Jonathan Ware

Musical Concept
Johanna Malangré

Tom Wilmersdörffer

Boxing Performance

John Dowland & Kurt Weill

© Ludwig Olah

Andromahi Raptis

© Kaupo Kikkas

Jonathan Ware

© Max Ott

Tom Wilmersdörffer

Sat 20 March 21:00

Live-Stream from BOXWERK München

free of charge

1 hour

English, French, German