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Or Solomon und das Lightning Orchestra erforschen die Grenzen des traditionellen Jazz. Die oberste Regel der freien Improvisationsmusik lautet: Es gibt keine Regeln. Ähnlich wie die Musiker der Avantgarde suchten auch Jazzmusiker nach Wegen sich von den Ketten der Tradition zu befreien und kreierten Stile wie Free Jazz oder Free Improvisation. In ihrem Geiste halten Or Solomon und das Lightning Orchestra dem Jazz einen Spiegel vor. In mitreißenden, niemals enden sollenden Sessions, dekonstruieren sie die Dogmen des Jazz und entlarven, einen Schritt über das scheinbar regellose Absurde hinaus, die Grenzen des Jazz.


Or Solomon is an Israeli pianist, composer and virtuosic improviser. He also creates original music for film, dance and performances. His life-long musical research has led him to develop an original approach to the piano as a sound generator, channeling the entire emotional spectrum. He finds inspiration in the audible ranges of all instruments and sounds, in any sensory perceptions and interrelational dynamics, resulting in abstract expressionist forms.

Solomon was classically trained until the age of 17, but began improvising in response to paintings as early as 13 years old. His need for free expression compelled him to pursue broader genres. In 1993, at the age of 22, he moved to France to discover all the musical possibilities in the great scene that thrived in Paris of the 90s. He discovered African traditional music which introduced the concept of music as a language to him, and was immersed in a multicultural experience practicing free jazz, rock, Black American and French music, which led him to new creative pathways.

His recognition as a piano virtuoso with endless nuance and interpretative skill is a mirror of the unusual trajectory of his career. He has collaborated with numerous French and international artists. He was an influential member of the Magic Malik Orchestra from 2000-2006, one of the most coveted French new progressive jazz quintets, led by flutist Malik Mezzadri, where he pioneered an original set up around the piano for live performance and recording using pick-ups, effect pedals and amplifiers, widely contributing to the identity of the Orchestra.

Solomon also collaborated with guitarist Sébastien Martel, Médéric Collignon, Camille, pianist and conductor on the ‚Dante‘ tour of Abd Al Malik (a leading French slam artist), Tony Allen (co-founder of Afro-beat and drummer in Fela Kuti’s Africa ’70), Mathieu Boogaerts, Renaud Gabriel Pion, Sanseverino, Sylvain Kassap, Steve Dalachinsky, Abdullah Miniawy, dancer Kaori Ito, Mike Ladd, Napoleon Murphy Brock the singer-saxophonist-flutist of Frank Zappa’s legendary group Mothers of Invention.

In 2012 his first self-produced album Round-trips, piano solo was released to media attention, noted for its exceptional poeticism.

A peerless improviser, Solomon was invited by the Galeries nationales du Grand Palais in Paris to perform as part of the retrospective exhibition Georges Braque for the Nuit Blanche 2013 (Sleepless Night) international arts festival. Responding to the work of the founder of Cubism, Solomon explored his relationship to improvisation, composition, and the inspiration that art and music lend each other. Subsequently the self-produced solo album Improvisations pour Georges Braque was put forth in 2014.

Having spent the last several years travelling between Paris and Berlin, exchanging ideas with artists, painters, dancers, choreographers and of course other musicians, Solomon views the two european capitals as ideal playgrounds for developing and challenging contemporary notions of sound and aesthetics across creative fields.

“…A pianist for our days, a total musician without borders, Or Solomon is a craftsman of extraordinary sonic ambiances, a composer and an improviser.” ~RMN – GRAND PALAIS

Lightning Orchestra is a Free New Improvised Music ensemble, based in Berlin. All members are independent international music artists gathered around the challenging invitation by Or Solomon to create and produce new improvised music with no genre boundaries. Recorded session end of 2019 and upcoming first album entitled ‘YOU GOT A MESSAGE’ reflects the nervous-system-like mechanics of the ensemble – communicating simultaneous ideas, instantly transforming abstract chaotic senses into time structured graphical movements, as the Perception arises as an on-going organic need.

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