VKKO: Eternal Valley


The techno classic ensemble VKKO is a sound machine and a now orchestra. In flamboyant, sweaty concerts with a physically challenging character, they convey an exciting new interpretation of classical musical traditions. For the ID Festival, they together with some actors are developing a programme in the spirit of Gogol and Ionesco. The musical and theatrical performance will focus on questions like: What controversial energy can absurdity reveal in composed or improvised music? How absurd has the classical concert business become or remained?

»the craziest orchestra in Bavaria« (Bayerischer Rundfunk, PULS)

»How can you still make revolutionary music today? The Verworner-Krause Chamber Orchestra comes very close – -ecause they play techno. That this combination is not so far-fetched is shown by the coherence of their compositions.« (Süddeutsche Zeitung).

Composition & Conducting
Christopher Verworner und Claas Krause

Philip Seybold

Meik Van Severen & Johannes Lange

© Steffi Rettinger


Fri 19 March 21:30

Live-Stream from radialsystem

free of charge

1 hour

English, German