On Time by Or Solomon & the Lightning Orchestra

Or Solomon and the Lightning Orchestra explore the boundaries of traditional jazz. The first rule of free improvisational music is: there are no rules. Similar to the musicians of the avant-garde, jazz musicians also looked for ways to free themselves from the chains of tradition and created styles like free jazz or free improvisation. In their spirit, Or Solomon and the Lightning Orchestra hold up a mirror to jazz. In rousing, shall never-ending sessions, they deconstruct the dogmas of jazz and expose, one step beyond the seemingly random absurd, jazz’s own limits.

Piano & Directions
Or Solomon

Tenor Saxophone
Philippe Lemoine

Anil Eraslan

Baritone Saxophone
Simon Rose

Double Bass
Jonathan Nagel

Drums, Objects & Marimba
Marcello S. Busato 

Drums, Objects & Electronics
Chris Hill

Modular Synth

Video Creation
Anil Eraslan 

© Avi Levy

Or Solomon

Fri 19 March 20:00

Live Stream from radialsystem

Free of charge

1 hour