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Piano Combo V – Five Meditations
Classical Music & Yoga

In Sanskrit, »Yoga« means to connect, to concentrate. The multi-disciplinary Five Meditations connect performers and audience, without anyone leaving their seats. The performance is designed as a ritual: The audience follows the yogi’s lead, guiding them through five simple concentration exercises (meditations) with a setup part, then practice, and at the end, some space for reflection. Everyone is engaged throughout physically, mentally and spiritually. The acoustic and tonal music serves both as a piece of art and also as a guide to an awareness practice for the exercises. It incorporates elements inspired by minimalism, world and electronic music.

Original Composition/Piano: Ohad Ben-Ari

Practice lead by Anastasia Shevchenko

In cooperation with the Berlin Yoga Conference


Israeli-born Ohad Ben-Ari’s career has begun when he was 12 years old with performances as a soloist with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra and the Israeli Chamber Orchestra. The following year, Ohad was officially enrolled as a student at the Tel-Aviv University, where he studied piano and composition, and later also conducting and scoring. As a pianist, Ohad has won numerous top prizes at international competitions, among them the ARD Competition and the coveted Arthur Rubinstein Master Competition. As a result, he received many invitations to appear as a soloist with Orchestras and with chamber music ensembles all around the world.

Since 2010, Ohad Ben-Ari resides with his family in Berlin, where he continues his extensive work as a pianist and a composer. He partners frequently with violinists Guy Braunstein and Noah Bendix-Balgley, as well as with mandolinist Avi Avital. He also collaborates with other world-renowned classical musicians such as Sol Gabetta, Andreas Ottensamer, Alisa Weilerstein, Emmanuel Pahud, Magdalena Kožená and Yuja Wang. Between the years 2011-2016, Ben-Ari has served as the artistic director of the Rolandseck Chamber Music Festival. Ohad currently serves as the director of the “ID Festival Berlin”, which he founded with the support of the German government in 2014. That same year, a debut solo performance of H.W. Henze’s “Requiem” took place with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, under the baton of Sir Simon Rattle.

Ohad Ben-Ari’s compositions and transcriptions are performed worldwide by leading musicians. His first major original work, “Tips”, has seen its debut in 2013 with the Hamburg Symphony. In 2014, his “Concerto for Marimba” premiered in Tokyo by the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra and “Violins of Hope” was commissioned and performed by the Berliner Philharmoniker in 2015. His latest epic, “Messe di Requiem”, premiered this season in Hamburg.

Anastasia Shevchenko is the founder and the managing director behind the Berlin Yoga Conference and is a freelance yoga teacher. She is a proponent of authentic yoga experience for self-healing and self-transformation. Her special interest lie in the creation of bridges between yoga, philosophy, science, art, and spirituality.

© Ruthe Zuntz
© Anastasia Shevchenko
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Sun 14 October 13:00


Radialsystem Studio C

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