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Below is a selection of photos from the 2018 program that you are able to download in print quality. Reprinting of the photos is free of charge when used for the press coverage of the ID Festival 2018. Please give credit as found in the title of the photo.

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Press Kit 2018
ID Festival 2018 Press Kit

ID Festival 2018

This year, we’re going to look at the Next Generation: young people making art and new talents (next generation: artists), new and fresh ways of interpreting the classical ideals (next generation: formats), as well as new ways of relating to the world at large (next generation: issues).

ID Festival 2017

Last year, the 2017 ID Festival Berlin dealt with the theme of “integration?”, where our participating artists and thinkers discussed the implementation of the European ideals through art.

ID Festival 2016

In 2016, we found ourselves naturally responding to the European migratory movements, with the Israeli artists setting out to examine the impacts of these movements and their transformative potentials on the European state of affairs and culture.

ID Festival 2015

Since our festival launch in 2015, our aim was to explore the concept of identity. The participating Israeli artists embarked on a journey of self-exploration caused by an apparent identity crisis.