Media Gallery

Below is a selection of photos from the 2021 program that you are able to download in print quality. Reprinting of the photos is free of charge when used for the press coverage of the ID Festival 2021. Please give credit as found in the title of the photo.

Key Visual

© Luca Bogoni

Key Visual

© Luca Bogoni

Key Visual

© Luca Bogoni

Key Visual

© Luca Bogoni


© Ruthe Zuntz


© Marc Vorwerk

On Time

© Lightning Orchestra

Anali Goldberg

© Roni Lugassi


© Max Ott

The Code

© Burak Isseven

Eternal Valley

© Steffi Rettinger

Sliding thru...

© ID Festival

About the ID Festival

ID Festival was founded in 2015 with the aim to serve as a platform for Israeli artists to showcase their works to local audiences. The “Israel-Deutschland” festival highlights the connection between the “I” and the “D” of its acronym as a paradigm of hope, change, tolerance and understanding. It fosters collaborations between Israeli artists and local artists and art institutions, with further focus on building bridges with other minority groups in Germany.

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