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Below is a selection of photos from the 2022 program that you are able to download in print quality. Reprinting of the photos is free of charge when used for the press coverage of the ID Festival 2022. Please give credit as found in the title of the photo.

Key Visual

© Luca Bogoni

Key Visual Web

© Luca Bogoni

Key Visual

© Luca Bogoni

Key Visual Web

© Luca Bogoni


© Merav Maroody


© Titus Staunton


© Cfir Harbi


© Benyamin Reich

Kreuzberg Sonata

© Yuval Erel

Main Act: Eran Zur

© Yuval Erel

Shaul Bustan Trio

© Shaul Bustan Trio

Special Guest: Hamuchtar

© Hamuchtar


© Katha Mau

Bands: Liquid Saloon

© Michael Topyol

Bands: Buttering Trio

© Ben Kirshenbaum

Special Guest: Apifera

© Ross Harris

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Come celebrate Shavuot with us! This year, the Jewish Harvest Fest and the Christian Pentecost fall on the same date: June 5. The jewish holiday marks the (trans)formation of a nation with the reception of the Torah on Mount Sinai. We take the occasion to celebrate the intercultural exchange between Israel and Germany, highlighting (trans)formation with the visionary power of multilingual writing that reaches far beyond regular translation engines, and with the translation of poetry into music. An exhibition and artist talk by photographer Benyamin Reich, whetting the appetite for holiness, will lead up to our evening’s highlight: for the first time in Germany, Israeli rock star Eran Zur and a line-up of special guests will offer a spectacular mix of poetry, rock, indie folk and classical modernism. Modeled after the historic Jewish Salons, FRAMED @ ID FESTIVAL will conclude this year’s gathering with traditional Shavuot delicacies, exhibition with live-painting, as well as musical performances by the most sought-after alternative jazz-funk acts of the bubbling Tel Aviv music scene.

About the ID Festival

ID Festival was founded in 2015 with the aim to serve as a platform for Israeli artists to showcase their works to local audiences. The “Israel-Deutschland” festival highlights the connection between the “I” and the “D” of its acronym as a paradigm of hope, change, tolerance and understanding. It fosters collaborations between Israeli artists and local artists and art institutions, with further focus on building bridges with other minority groups in Germany.

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