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© Titus Staunton

MIFGASH I: Poetic Translations

Eran Zur and Dory Manor open up a fascinating world of composing music to poems. Get ready to an entertaining ping-ponging of ideas, recitations and music performances! Admission: 14 | 10 €

Radialsystem Studio C
Performance & Discussion

© Cfir Harbi

MIFGASH II: Encounters between Languages

The workshop by Mati Shemoelof introduces a new way to compose poetry: multilingual writing. By crossing language boundaries, the particular experience of people with migration experience is emulated. In this way, multilingual writing technique can be viewed as a visionary way of promoting tolerance and understanding that can reach far beyond the current translation engines. Admission: 8 | 5 €

Radialsystem Studio C
Discussion & Writing Workshop

© Benyamin Reich

MIFGASH III: Lust for Holiness

Using the Book of Ruth, traditionally read on Shavuot, photographer Benyamin Reich offers a unique perspective on the intertwinement of sexuality and spirituality and the experience of being an outcast. Admission is free; registration required.

Radialsystem Studio C
Exhibition & Discussion

© Yuval Erel

Eran Zur: Kreuzberg Sonata

The Israeli rock star Eran Zur makes his debut appearance in Germany! With special guests Sivan Shavit and Geva Alon, the show will be a surprising and spectacular mix of poetry, rock, Tolstoy’s Kreutzer Sonata and classical modernism. Opening: Shaul Bustan Trio | Hamuchtar. Admission: 26 | 20 €

Radialsystem Halle
Concert - Israeli Rock / Alternative Rock / Indie Folk / Classical Modernism

© Katha Mau


Modeled after the historic Jewish Kultursalons, the event will be a feast of wine and traditional Shavuot delicacies, live painting, and cutting-edge music, performed live by Tel Aviv’s most sought-after electro-jazz-funk bands. Admission: 20 | 16 €

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Art & Music