Virtual SHIUR Transcending Freedom:
A Pre-Passover Experience for Everyone Who Hates Being Put In A Box!

Corona has forced us to confront a variety of new forms of life (to borrow a phrase from the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein) — practically, physically, spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and many other levels. The Passover holiday involves traditions that challenge »normality« through performative rituals that intentionally border on the absurd–highlighting our ability to step out of fixed categories. Join us for a new take on Passover themes through a digital guided immersive experience, exploring the theme of transcending categories through the dreamy fluidity of self. We will engage in readings, sound and light art, breathwork, body movement, and more–creating new rituals for the 21st century.

SHIUR is an ongoing project, founded in Berlin by Micki Weinberg, and supported by ID Festival since 2018. The project offers multidisciplinary immersive experiences. SHIUR brings together a diverse group of people to explore culture, spirituality and theory through a critical yet engaged attitude. Since the start of the pandemic, the SHIUR community meets weekly in a digital salon to explore the SHIUR newsletter with a guest presenter. This summer, in the frameworks of the initiative 1700 Jahre Jüdisches Leben in Deutschland, ID Festival is planning public SHIUR events in major cities across Germany, to highlight the bond between each city and their relationship to German Jewish thought.

Visit the SHIUR Website to learn more.

Presented by

Micki Weinberg, Mirna Funk, Playtronica (Sasha Pas and Aglaya Demidenko), Vilma Putriute, Joel Stumpf, and Alina Tsoy

Video segments
Kevin Kopacka & Lukas Dolgner

© Karl Gabor

Micki Weinberg

Sat 20 March 20:00

Live-Stream from radialsystem

free of charge

1 hour