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We Love Israel

A radio-play podcast on the German love for Israel (and Israelis). Yet who are “we”, and what kind of love is that? How is this love perceived, even instrumentalized? What about the Palestinian protagonists of the Israeli reality? Two Israelis on behalf of SWR2 intent to approach these questions: be it through interviews in Berlin, Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, or through fictional characters, who are in the position to say all what is not allowed to be uttered in the German-Israeli context. From gay German tourists to frustrated Jewish-Yemenite cooking teachers in Berlin – selected episodes are presented and accompanied by a conversation with Ofer Waldman (Deutschlandfunk Kultur/FU Berlin), co-host, and contributor Tobias Herzberg, artistic director of Gorki STUDIO Я.

Winner of »Hörspiel des Monats« (Radio Play of the Month) by Deutsche Akademie der darstellenden Künste, nominated as »Hörspiel des Jahres« (Radio Play of the Year) award by the Akademie der Künste.


Ofer Waldman was born 1979 in Jerusalem, Israel. He received his Diploma from the University of the Arts in Berlin, engaging in a musical career in leading German and Israeli orchestras. In 2014 he obtained his M.A. magna cum laude in German Studies from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Ofer is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the joint dissertation program of the Hebrew University and the Freie Universitaet Berlin, working on a prosopographical study of Jewish Authors of the post-war Generation in the GDR. His publications touch upon the conjunction of memory, literature and history in post war Germany.

Tobias Herzberg (born 1986 in Hamburg, Germany) studied directing at the Drama Academies Hamburg and Zurich. He has supervised several youth projects at Schauspielhaus Hamburg, among others, and has worked as an assistant director for Jürgen Gosch, Karin Henkel and René Pollesch. His graduation piece Life Is A Dream by Calderón was invited to the 2014 edition of young directors’ festival Körber Studio at Hamburg’s Thalia Theatre. His solo performance FEYGELE – developed for the ‘Desintegrationskongress’ –  has been staged at the Studio Я of the Maxim Gorki Theatre since May 2016. In 2017, he staged the Swiss premiere Muttermale Fenster blau by Sasha Marianna Salzmanns Schauspielhaus Zürich and curated the ‘Queer Weekend’ Pugs in Love at Gorki. At the start of the 2017/18 season, Tobias Herzberg became the artistic director of Studio Я.

Ofer Waldman & Noam Brusilovsky

The authors, Tobias Herzberg/Ralf Kühne

Marco Damghani

Sound & Tech
Bernd Bechtold, Venke Decker, Eva Hesse, Karl-Heinz Runde, Sabine Klunzinger among others

Assistant Director
Lukas Fuetterer

Tobias Purfürst & Yair Elazar Glotman

Noam Brusilovsky

SWR 2018 with the support of ARD-office Tel Aviv in cooperation with Deutschlandradio

Editor and Dramaturgy
Manfred Hess

© Tal Alon
© Tobias Herzberg
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