»Wu Seyen di Chayes?«

»Wu Seyen di Chayes?«

A dysphoric analysis for viewers who have had enough of Sir David Attenborough’s’BBC Nature documentary. ANALI GOLDBERG, the queer psychoanalyst of Berlin’s’nightlife, is very concerned about the poor creatures who have been denied entry to the club: the Pinkwashed Flamingo and its wondrous ability to drink deadly acid, the gender fluid cuttlefish who dresses up as a man or woman for sexual pleasure, the extinct flamboyant Sirenian seacow and many other unusual animals. The myth of Noah’s’ Ark experiences a somewhat different, queer reading: One day, ANALI GOLDBERG believes, the animals will unite and create a new, alternative and inclusive world order, in which no zoos but only clubs would exist.

ANALI GOLDBERG saw the light of day in 2017 in a Berlin club. Anali is an older woman with a big mouth, sagging breasts and a warm deep voice. Always enveloped by a cloud of perfume, she moves like a chameleon from one toilet cubicle to the next while she performs her hit »I gave all my drugs to heterosexual men«. After a lifelong search, she has found her calling – giving a voice to those who have none: animals. In »Wu Seyen di Chayes?« (Yiddish for »Where are the animals?«) ANALI GOLDBERG goes back to her village and takes the audience with her on an exciting journey of discovery, where the roots of her compassion towards animals have started.

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Ariel Nil Levy was born in 1977 in Tel Aviv. Since 2001 he has been living in Berlin and working as a freelance actor, voice actor, performer and dramaturg among many others in the Volksbühne Berlin, Schauspiel Frankfurt, Schauspielhaus Wien, Badischen Staatstheater Karlsruhe, Ballhaus Naunynstraße, Mousonturm Frankfurt, Theater Thikwa Berlin, Theater Heidelberg, English Theatre Berlin, Theater am Kurfürstendamm. His original production »Schweigeminute« won an award in the category Best Play at the Acre International Fringe Theatre Festival in 2010. In 2012 he has won a further award with the piece »Polio«. In addition to his stage work Ariel Nil Levy has acted also on film and television productions on mainstream TV channels. He has recently portrayed one of the leading characters in the film »Murer – Anatomie eines Prozesses«. The film won the Best Film Award in the 2019 Österreichischer Filmpreis as well as the Best Film at the 2018 Diagonale Film Festival in Graz. Since 2017 his alter ego ANALI GOLDBERG has been successfully making the Berlin club and comedy scene insecure.

Deana Mik is an up-and-coming electronic music producer from Tel Aviv. Using inspiration from an array of genres, his way of expressing emotions through music creates a unique progressive experience that will make you move your body. 

Kiki Morse is a founding member of the feminist and fine art ensemble »Chicks on Speed«. She is the lyrical mastermind behind the tracks »Glamour Girl« and »Coventry«, among others, as well as the costume designer for the band’s stage outfits. After having worked with the group for ten years, Morse decided to start a solo career as a musician and DJ. She currently lives in Berlin and is an integral part of its infamous club scene.

Norbert Pape works as a freelance artist in the field of performing arts. In addition to his work for ID_Frankfurt, Tanzpanorama and the design of a future-oriented house for rehearsals and research, he is also committed to creating an environment that promotes contemporary production and working methods, content and aesthetics and their mediation in the fields of contemporary dance, choreography and performance; an environment that enables artists to develop new formats and explore new fields of work.

Fábio M. Silva is an interdisciplinary artist working on autobiographical deconstruction of identity and normativity concepts. Their work ranges from unique genderless fashion pieces to durational performance and experimental film. M. Silva’s work has been exhibited at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, KW Institute for Contemporary Art and Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin, Stockholm Fringe Festival and The Venice Biennale, among others.

Concept, Text, Performance, Production
Ariel Nil Levy aka ANALI GOLDBERG

Lighting Design                                                                                                                                                               Tom Schwartz

Norbert Pape

Costume Design & Teaser Trailer
Fábio M Silva

Original Music
Kiki Moorse & Dean Michelson aka Deanamik

Roni Lugassi

© Merav Maroodi

Ariel Nil Levy

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