MIFGASH I: Poetic Translations with Eran Zur and Dory Manor
An Encounter of Music and Poetry

Composing music to poetry is the focus of the first MIFGASH, which brings together Berlin-based Israeli publisher and poet Dr. Dory Manor and the Tel Aviv-based songwriter and composer Eran Zur. Throughout his career, Zur has composed a cornucopia of songs to literary poems. Manor is an award-winning translator and writer. He has translated many of the poetic masterpieces to which Eran Zur has composed music. The two will perform, sing and recite a selection from these songs as well as other poetic songs by famous Israeli composers. Together with the audience, they will explore the poets’ biographies and the historical and linguistic context of their works, and discuss the various challenges of composing music to their poetry. Zur will present, for the first time, newly composed songs to Manor’s translations of several poetic masterworks, among them poems of Else Lasker-Schüler, Edgar Allan Poe and Charles Baudelaire. The two will take the participants of this MIFGASH on an exploratory journey into the realm of poetic translation, exploring rhythm and musicality. They will share from their expertise and knowledge, and demonstrate the process of preserving the musicality of the original text, when translating it, first into Hebrew, then into the language of music.  

About the MIFGASHIM Series

With the MIFGASHIM series, the ID Festival 2022 offers a variety of enriching encounters: encounters between different languages and cultures, between different religions and, first and foremost, encounters between people. Visitors can look forward to meeting leading figures of the young Israeli community in Germany.

© Boaz Arad

Dory Manor

© Orit Pnini

Eran Zur


Dory Manor, a Berlin-based author, translator and editor was born in Tel Aviv, Israel.​ He is the founder and editor of The 21st publishing house and of the literary magazine Oh!. From 1996 to 2006 he resided in Paris, teaching Hebrew literature and translation. Manor edited many works by Israeli prize-winning poets and writers, and is the recipient of various awards such as the Prime Minister’s Prize for Hebrew Writers (2007) as well as the prestigious Yehuda Amichai prize for his poetry (2015). In 2017 he got his PhD in Translation Studies and Comparative Literature from INALCO University of Paris.

Eran Zur, an Israeli singer, composer and writer was born in Haifa in 1965 and has been active in the Israeli rock music scene since the 1980s. He was a member of the bands Tattoo and Carmela, Gross, Wagner before embarking on a successful solo career. Zur has released about a dozen studio albums, six of them as a solo artist. He has also published two novels and composed music for film and theater. Eran Zur has received numerous awards for his achievements, including the 2011 Hebrew Poetry Prize and the Meir Ariel Prize for Creativity in the Hebrew Language, awarded to Eran Zur by the Israeli Prime Minister in 2013. Zur lives in Tel Aviv and is a faculty member at the Rimon School of Music. More info here.

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Sun  5 June 12:30


Performance & Discussion


Radialsystem Studio C


MIFGASH I 14 | 10 €



1,5 hours


English & Hebrew