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Featuring up to 120 artists and performers from Israel, Germany, and the USA, the Israeli-German festival presents a multifaceted program encompassing theater, concerts, interactive formats, workshops, and exhibitions. Themed /ENDING_REBIRTH_GROWTH/, this edition marks the culmination of a 7-festival cycle.

ID Festival serves as a vibrant platform for showcasing the thriving Israeli cultural scene in Germany. Since its inception in 2015, the Israel-Deutschland festival, under the direction of Ohad Ben-Ari, has been fostering collaboration among artists and institutions from both countries. The festival has been honored with the EFFE Label since 2019, highlighting its commitment to excellence in the cultural landscape.

ID Festival 7th Edition

Under the theme /ENDING_REBIRTH_GROWTH/, we present our 7th edition, marking the conclusion of a complete cycle of seven ID Festival editions. Through the prism of art, we explore various possible “endings,” including the end of life, democracy, the Zionist dream, and human art through intelligent machines. We will showcase how diverse “endings” can lead to new beginnings and a chance for personal and societal growth.

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