What Love Is

A narrative sound journey about love, accompanied by digital live painting. Inspired by the book of Job.

The biblical narrative of Job seems so painful and shocking and affects all existential areas of human life. A central theme is love. With digital live painting, organic ambient music, spoken word and performance, »What Love Is« explores the idealization of love, drifting off into the absurd. Why do we still consider our willingness to endure pain a measure of the strength of love.


Mark Pinhasov a.k.a. Marchissio is an Israeli artist, record producer and co-founder of White Camel, the Berlin-based musical incubator. He is also the co-founder of Avihu Pinhasov’s Rhythm Club, currently one of Israel’s top live acts. This enabled him to work with many of the country’s renowned artists and has led to numerous international collaborations with artists such as Afrikan Boy, known for his work with Grammy nominee rapper M.I.A.. Pinhasov co-wrote and produced the title song for the TV series “Combat Medics”, directed by Ron Howard. Drawing his inspiration from the fields of personal growth and well-being, he currently creates live meditative events and transformative audio-visual content with Six Feet Palace.

Cosimo Miorelli was born in Biella, Italy in 1986 and is a Berlin-based illustrator and live-painter. Miorelli explores and combines diverse visual storytelling media: illustration, live-painting, animation, comics and traditional painting. He has painted and performed live in collaboration with musicians and actors across Europe and his animated films have been used in theater productions as well as in documentary films.

Claudia Eisinger is an actress and artist from Berlin. She has appeared in numerous film and cinema productions and has received several awards, including the “German Actor Award” for her leading role in the film adaptation »Too Hard to Handle « (Mängelexemplar). She currently focuses on the connection between performance and art in the context of personal growth and wellbeing. With Six Feet Palace and The Art of Elevation she creates interactive, meditative live events and experience spaces as well as transformative audio-visual content.

Claudia Eisinger


Live Painting
Cosimo Miorelli

© Edoardo Grassi


© Benjamin Beck

Claudia Eisinger

© Riccardo Bernardi

Cosimo Miorelli

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