AI Video Prompting


With Dr. Nicolai Klemke | neural frames

Participants create an AI music video together. No prior knowledge or equipment is required.

In this one-hour workshop, Dr. Nicolai Klemke, the founder of neural frames, will lead an interactive session on crafting an AI music video. Attendees will have the opportunity to actively shape the music video, contributing ideas on visuals, camera movements, and more. The session will delve into the underlying technology, exploring both the promises and risks associated with it.


© Nikolai Klemke

Dr. Nicolai Klemke (*1989 in Hamburg) is a physicist who discovered his passion for programming during the final stages of his PhD. As a hobby musician, he often faced the frustration of needing visual content to share his songs on social media—a process that was traditionally time-consuming or costly. In November 2022, while exploring innovative approaches to generative AI-based animation, he recognized the potential for this technology to empower individuals and address the challenge of creating visuals for musicians. Motivated by this insight, he founded neural frames, focusing on AI music video generation.

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