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Open Stage Event

Multi-genre performance, showcasing various arts and performance genres

Concept Team ID Festival
With Danielle Friedman, Liat Dror, Masha The Rich Man, Minsu Kim & Neve Arbel

Host Nir Gottleid

As the lights dim and the stage is set, the curtain rises for the grand finale of ID#7. Over 100 artists from all corners of the performing arts responded to our open call, and we are thrilled to welcome 5 acts to grace the open stage in the final edition of ID Festival!

As Saturday evening unfolds, new acts take the stage every 20 minutes, captivating the audience with music, dance, comedy, and more. Minsu Kim’s (Korea) solo dance performance ‘Mio Maria’ will explore the bitterness of wrong decisions and the transformative power of friendship. Aided by two dancers from her dance studio situated near the Gaza border, the multi-award-winning choreographer Liat Dror (Israel) will present a sneak peek into her new work titled ‘7 BOOM’. The up-and-coming Isra-berliner dancer and choreographer Neve Arbel, accompanied by percussionist Oded Geizhals, will showcase a collaborative dance and music performance that addresses themes of introspection and isolation.

Musically, we are excited to welcome jazz pianist Danielle Friedman, who will perform re-interpretations of classic Leah Goldberg songs, from her latest album release, “Weary Gold”. Last but not least, we have the singer, musician, and performer MASHA THE RICH MAN (Ukraine). Playing a unique instrument, the autoharp, and accompanied by cellist Ana Luisa Pereira with a visual backdrop fusing scenes from MASHA’s music videos, a deeply moving and immersive experience is guaranteed! The evening will be hosted by comedian Nir Gottleid, known for his dark and abysmal humor.

Sat 13.4 | 10 PM

Radialsystem Saal

Duration: 120 min.

Tickets: 10€ / 8€

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© Cosmic Comdey Berlin

HOST Nir Gottleid is an accomplished Israeli comic, performing across Europe, the US, and Israel. In his pursuit of unique experiences, he has ventured to Germany with the mission to captivate audiences and ‘make Germans feel uncomfortable as a form of reparations.’ Shows such as ‘The Berlin Offensive,’ ‘Schindler’s Fist,’ or ‘The Revenge of the Jew-Di’ bear Nir’s trademark blend of dark humor, self-deprecation, and obscene ‘dad jokes,’ which have become the primary tools for accomplishing this ambitious goal. Widely recognized as one of the darkest comedians in the English comedy scene in Germany, Nir fearlessly navigates taboo subjects with a unique and awkward charm.

”has a command of the traditional pace, rhythms and tightly written gags of stand-up that assure you that you’re in capable hand” – Chortle, UK

© Bellocchio Fotografie

PIANIST Danielle Friedman is an Israeli composer and improviser whose music seamlessly traverses the realms of Jazz, Classical, and lyrical and rhythmic improvisation, brimming with imaginative flair. Pursuing her academic interests, Friedman embarked on her musical journey at The Center for Jazz Studies in Tel Aviv before furthering her studies at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York, where she earned a full scholarship to complete her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts. Under the tutelage of esteemed educators such as Anat Fort, Yuval Cohen, Tal Haim Samnon, Steve Cardenas, Benita Meshulam, and Cecil Bridgewater, she honed her craft to exceptional heights. In 2018, Friedman relocated to Berlin, where she has become deeply engaged in diverse musical projects, alongside her own endeavors, including Zahir, YSOP, Invisible Architects, and D&DF&P. Her performances have graced numerous esteemed venues and festivals worldwide, including Berlin Jazz Woche, Bejazz Transnational Jazz Festival, Jazzkeller69, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and Camden Fringe Festival, among others, showcasing the breadth and depth of her musical prowess with her various projects and bands.

© Amalia Ben Gal

CHOREOGRAPHER Liat Dror, is the visionary behind the ‘Adama Dance Company’ and the ‘Sderot Adama Movement Center.’ Born in 1960, Liat embarked on her dance career through a collaboration with Nir Ben Gal at the professional dance workshop of the ‘Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company’ in Gaton. Their partnership flourished as they performed with the Jerusalem Ensemble of Dance and pursued studies at the Rubin Academy for Music and Dance in Jerusalem. Their inaugural work, ‘Two-Room Apartment,’ premiered in 1987 and clinched victory at the Bagnolet International Choreography Competition in Paris. Subsequently, they crafted numerous duets, including contributions to the ‘London Contemporary Dance Theater.’ In 1991, Liat ventured into independent territory, founding her own dance company. Throughout the 1990s, she created a series of groundbreaking works, including ‘In the Vortex of Lust’ (1991), ‘Figs’ (1993), ‘Einta Aumri’ (1994), ‘Sit Down Get Up My Love’ (1996), ‘Investigation’ (1996), and ‘The Dance of Nothing’ (1999). These productions have graced prestigious stages across Europe, including the Montpellier Festival in France, Theater de la Vill in Paris, Hebbel Theater in Berlin, and Kampnagel in Hamburg, Germany.

© Edwin Schotland

SINGER-SONGWRITER MASHA THE RICH MAN, born in Kyiv and now based in Berlin, crafts a Cinematic Folk Pop that envelops listeners in a warm embrace, transporting them to a realm of authenticity and depth. With her melancholic melodies, Masha constructs a timeless parallel universe that invites audiences to explore themes of solitude and introspection. Her lyrics delve into a spectrum of emotions, from world-weariness and anger to dreams and formative memories, signifying the onset of her personal healing journey. Masha The Rich Man made her debut with the release of the album “Sheyne Ziere” in 2023, featuring the titular single—a poignant ode to her grandmother, who bestowed upon her the Yiddish nickname. The album’s release was accompanied by interviews on various radio stations and TV reports on BR and RBB. Notable performances include appearances at the opening of the Jewish Film Festival at the Hans Otto Theater and at Deutschlandfest in Tokyo, Japan. Masha has garnered acclaim for her music videos, receiving several film awards, including the prestigious “glitter-glitter squirrel” for the “Most Genius Album.” Beyond her musical endeavors, Masha is dedicated to enhancing the safety, visibility, and diversity of Jewish life in Germany, embodying a commitment to social advocacy and cultural enrichment.

© Yana Tryhubets

DANCER and choreographer Minsu Kim currently serves as a soloist and ensemble member of Theater Plauen-Zwickau Ballet in Germany, where his dynamic performances captivate audiences. He has garnered acclaim for his exceptional talent, earning prizes at prestigious competitions such as the Dong-A Dance Competition and Korea International Contemporary Dance Competition. Minsu has showcased his versatility as a dancer through engagements with renowned dance companies worldwide, including France_Orian Theater’s production “There are no more birds” and Portugal_Quorum Ballet’s rendition of “The Rite of Spring.” In addition to his accomplishments on stage, Minsu is also a gifted composer, recognized for his contributions to the 2022 National Dance Festival Solo&Duet Division, where he was awarded the Best Prize for his composition “Uprooted Horn.” In 2021, Minsu embarked on a new journey as a choreographer, founding Lucas Crew in Korea. Lucas Crew stands as a testament to Minsu’s innovative approach to choreography, blending movement languages to create instinctive and immersive narratives. With a focus on meaningful expression and emphasis through repetition, Lucas Crew pushes the boundaries of traditional dance, offering audiences a unique and unforgettable experience.

© Ilay Bitan

DANCE-PERFORMER Neve Arbel, born in 1998 in Tel Aviv, Israel, is a versatile and multi-disciplinary dancer currently based in Berlin, Germany. Her journey in the world of dance began after graduating from Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts in 2016, where she honed her skills and passion for the art form. Neve’s early career saw her dancing with the esteemed Israel Ballet Company for three seasons. During this time, she also showcased her talents in various classical ballet productions, further establishing herself as a dynamic performer. Since transitioning to freelance work in 2020, Neve has been actively involved in diverse dance projects in Israel, including engagements with the Kibbutz Dance Company and her integral role in the GEM Dance Company in Tel Aviv under the artistic direction of Egor Menshikov. Neve’s relocation to Berlin in July 2022 marked a significant turning point in her career. In the 2022-2023 season, she served as a guest dancer with the Staatsballett Hannover, participating in the “Think Big 2022” program and collaborating with choreographers Anna Borras, Chiara de Nobili, and Roberto Tedesco. Additionally, Neve showcased her talents in the opera production “Nixon in China,” directed by Daniel Kramer and choreographed by Xenia Weist. Since January 2023, Neve has been an integral part of Ensemble Unterwegs Theater in Heidelberg, where she works under the artistic direction of Jai Gonzales and Bernhard Fauser, contributing to various productions and enriching the theatrical landscape with her exceptional talent. As a choreographer, Neve kicked off the new year in 2024 by participating in a residency program at the Choreographisches Centrum Heidelberg, further expanding her artistic horizons and cementing her status as a creative force in the world of dance.

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Venue: Radialsystem, Holzmarktstraße 33, 10243 Berlin

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