Sacred Rivers

The progressive wave

Closing ceremony musical healing circle

Sacred Rivers: Pro-Peace Music, Singing, and Sharing Circle. Rooted in a Muslim-Jewish-Christian alliance, this human rendezvous honors diverse heritage cultures. Arabic, Hebrew, and German poems, prayers, chants, and songs will interweave with sacred Amazonian rainforest and Hindu melodies. The audience will engage in harmonizing global poetic expressions across multiple languages. The gathering will feature moderated sharing moments open to all participants.

Sacred Rivers is the first showing resulting from The progressive wave’s 2024 ongoing creative and intellectual research for “Science of Science III: The Water Warrior”, a dance performance dedicated to releasing the collective trauma of WWII and promoting Peace values collaboratively and inclusively.

The presentation is an ongoing open event with inner and outer circles; vocalists and musicians are welcome to join the live score upon pre-registration.

Sun 14.4 | 1 PM

Radialsystem Saal

Duration: 180 min.

Donation-based entry.
Recommended pricing 18€ / 9€/ 0€

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The progressive wave is a collaborative performative initiative founded in Berlin by Israeli performance artists and choreographers, Gal Naor and Matan Zamir. Grounded in an inclusive, multidisciplinary approach, they seamlessly integrate dance, music, and visual art with socio-political content and consciousness studies. The initiative is dedicated to producing a diverse range of independent and commissioned works, spanning from dance and theater productions to art installations and site-specific projects. Gal and Matan choreograph human encounters within socio-creative environments, offering workshops on inclusion and empowerment to groups. In addition, The progressive wave provides artistic-dramaturgical accompaniment to emerging artists, and conducts body-mind movement classes, accessible in Sign Language.

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