Writing post October 7

Staged Reading

By Institut für Neue Soziale Plastik
Concept Stella Leder
With Anabel Möbius and Ariel Nil Levy

The 7th of October, 2023, when the Hammas terror invaded Israel, was a day that deeply shook the Jewish world. Since then, it’s hard to anticipate what the “Situation” may bring upon us the next day; ‘writingSITUATIONs’ creates a space for this unpredictability. Currently, Jewish writers from Israel and the Diaspora are crafting new literary texts, focusing on our post-October 7th reality. The event series, ‘writingSITUATIONs’, travels from place to place, bringing new texts to the stage each time. Participating authors include Lena Gorelik, Julya Rabinowich, Hadar Galron, Avishai Milstein, Roy Chen, and others. For ID Festival, Anabel Möbius and other actors will stage three or four of the newly written texts. The readings will be accompanied by projections that feature Israeli art created in response to the massacre.

Institut für Neue Soziale Plastik is a coalition of Jewish and anti-antisemitism artists. The institute initiates projects on themes related to Jewish contemporary issues, culture of remembrance, and antisemitism. The writingSITUATIONs project was initiated by Stella Leder. Fixed cooperation partners are the Münchner Kammerspiele and the Theater Magdeburg. www.neue-soziale-plastik.org

writingSITUATIONs is a project of the Institut für Neue Soziale Plastik. Concept: Stella Leder. Translations: Matthias Naumann. Set Up: Benno Plassmann. With: Anabel Möbius and others

The event is supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Jewish Life in Germany and the Fight against Antisemitism, Dr. Felix Klein, and by the Israeli Embassy in Germany.


Thu 11.4 | 6 PM

Radialsystem Studio 1

Languages: German, English, Hebrew
Duration: 90 min.

Free Admission

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© Roy Chen

Roy Chen, born in Tel Aviv in 1980, is an Autodidact who works as an author, playwright, and translator. Since 2007, he has been the resident playwright at Gesher Theater in Jaffa, where many of his works have been produced and performed. Chen’s work has reached international stages in China, Russia, Italy, and the USA. He is proficient in English, Russian, French, and Italian. Additionally, he has translated over 40 plays, including works by Pushkin, Dostoyevsky, and Chekhov, into Hebrew. For his work, Roy Chen has received numerous awards.

© Hadar Galron

Hadar Galron, born in 1970 in London, studied theater at Tel Aviv University. Galron grew up in a Jewish Orthodox family and immigrated to Israel at the age of 13. Today, she’s an award-winning screenwriter, playwright, actress, director, comedian, and songwriter. Internationally recognized for her diverse work in theater, television, film, and music, including the TV series “Harmon” (2018). Her works span various genres and themes but particularly delve into gender issues and religion. Alongside her artistic endeavors, she also works as a lecturer, presenter, and translator. Hadar Galron currently resides in Israel.

Lena Gorelik, born in 1981 in St. Petersburg and emigrated to Germany in 1992, is a journalist and writer. She studied Eastern European Studies at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich and Politics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Gorelik is the author of numerous award-winning books and plays. In addition to essays and reports for publications like DIE ZEIT, Süddeutsche Zeitung, and Deutschlandradio, Gorelik teaches Creative Writing at various universities and literary institutions. Her novel “Wer wir sind” (2021) was honored with the “Text & Sprache” Literature Prize by the Association of the German Economy in 2022. Gorelik currently resides in Munich.

© Avishai Milstein

Avishai Milstein, born in Israel in 1964, studied theater studies and German literature in Munich. He is a director, author, and translator of over 100 plays. Since 1998, he has significantly influenced Beit Lessin Theater in Tel Aviv as its chief dramaturge. He also leads the “Potchim Bama” festival for new Israeli drama, the IsraDrama Theater Festival, and contributes to the artistic direction of the Institute for Israeli Drama. Milstein’s directorial work, comprising over 70 productions, has shaped significant stages in Israel, but also in Germany. His play “Die Friedensstifterin” premiered at the Staatstheater Kassel in April 2023. Milstein’s works often reflect on religion, politics, and the cultures within Israel. He currently resides in Tel Aviv.

© Jeanne Degraa

Anabel Möbius, 1993 born in Saarbrücken, studied acting at the HfMDK and sociology and Jewish studies at the Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main. 2016-19 she was permanently engaged at the Staatstheater Darmstadt. Since then, she has worked freelance for the Schauspiel Frankfurt, the Staatstheater Mainz and Karlsruhe, the Kunstfest Weimar, in the independent scene as well as for film and television and as a speaker. In 2019, she was awarded Best Young Actress at the Hessische Theatertage. In 2021, she received postgraduate funding from the Hessian Theater Academy and the following year realized her autofictional solo show “Erzähl mir von dir, Keimzelle. Eine sehr deutsche Geschichte” which will be performed at the Ringtheater in Berlin in November 2024.

© Merav Maroody

Ariel Nil Levy, geboren 1977 in Tel Aviv, lebt seit 23 Jahren in Deutschland. Er studierte Theater an der Alanus Hochschule und in Israel. Neben seiner Tätigkeit als Produzent, Autor, Schauspieler und Regisseur ist er auch als Anali Goldberg, eine Post-Drag-Figur, bekannt. Er wirkte unter anderem am Deutschen Theater, an der Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, dem Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin, Kampnagel Hamburg, den Berliner Festspielen, dem Ballhaus Naunynstraße, dem Theater und Orchester Heidelberg, dem Badischen Staatstheater Karlsruhe, dem TD Berlin, dem Radialsystem, dem Ballhaus Ost, dem English Theater Berlin, dem HAU, dem Schauspielhaus Wien, der Komödie am Kurfürstendamm und dem Literarischen Colloquium. Er kollaborierte mit Dimiter Gotscheff, Julia*n Meding, Nina Gühlstorff, Christian Filips, Tian Gebing (Paper Tiger), Christian Frosch, Michael Winterbottom und Ilan Ronen. Zudem erhielt er zweimal den Acco Theater-Festival-Preis für die beste Produktion im Hauptprogramm (2012) und im Gastspielprogramm (2010).

© Margit M. Marnul

Julya Rabinowich, born in 1979 in St. Petersburg, works as a writer, columnist, playwright, painter, and interpreter. At the age of seven, Rabinowich moved with her family to Vienna, where she studied at the Interpretation Institute of the University of Vienna and later pursued painting at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Her award-winning debut novel, “Spaltkopf,” was published in 2008. Since 2016, Rabinowich has also been writing youth literature, including “Dazwischen: Ich.” Her latest work, “Der Geruch von Ruß und Rosen”, was released in 2023. Rabinowich has also authored numerous plays. Since March 2012, her column “Geschüttelt, nicht gerührt” has been published in the newspaper, Standard. Rabinowich resides in Vienna.

© Maya Arad

Maya Arad Yasur, born in Israel in 1976, works as a playwright and has written a number of plays that have been translated into over 13 languages. Her works are shown worldwide and are characterized by complex, fragmented narrative structures. Yasur studied theater, communication and journalism at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and holds a master’s degree in dramaturgy with distinction from the University of Amsterdam. Her play “Amsterdam” premiered at the Orange Tree Theatre in London in 2019 and was recently shown in Germany. Yasur’s work has received several awards, most recently the Tel-Aviv Rosenblum Award for performing arts. Currently, she resides in Tel Aviv and Amsterdam.

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