FRAMED @ ID FESTIVAL – Party, Music Performances, Live-Painting Exhibition and Shavuot-Party

Featuring: Ofir Dor, Liquid Saloon, Buttering Trio, Apifera, Rejoicer, Amir Bresler, Yonatan Albalak, KerenDun, Nitai Hershkovits, Nomok, Sefi Zisling

A century after the last event of this kind, ID Festival sets to revive the Berlin tradition of Jewish cultural salons by collaborating with the Berliner initiative FRAMED e.V – a modern cultural salon established in 2017. The aesthetic and philosophy of FRAMED founder, Yael Nachshon-Levin, was inspired by the legacy of Rahel Varnhagen (1771–1833), a Jewish writer who organized and hosted perhaps the most important cultural salons of the time in Berlin. Similarly, the cultural salon FRAMED @ ID FESTIVAL will see cultural and intellectual exchanges, musical and visual performances, hospitality, food and drinks. In the spirit of Shavuot, we will offer cheese specialties and complement our Kultursalon experience with a glass of wine.


Our Kultursalon will showcase some of the most relevant and sought after alternative jazz-funk acts from Tel-Aviv, curated by Haggai Cohen-Milo.

Liquid Saloon © Michael Topyol

Liquid Saloon brings high energy instrumental music, with influences of Afro-beat and Electronic music.

Buttering Trio © Ben Kirshenbaum

Buttering Trio are taking funk music back to the desert; with heavy beats, fat bass lines and sweet yet poignant lyrics, they aim to bring some peace to a troubled region.

Apifera © Ross Harris

Apifera is a new group comprising four accomplished solo artists: Rejoicer (keys), Nitai Hershkovits (keys), Amir Bresler (drums) and Yonatan Albalak (bass).

KerenDun & Nitai Hershkovits © Ruth Luar

KerenDun & Nitai Hershkovits create enchanted music rooted in songs infused with psychedelic and jazz sounds. They will showcase the voice and piano in their most naked form, creating an intimate setting of  soundscapes, stories and legends.

Sefi Zisling © Ariel Efron

Tel Aviv’s top jazz and funk trumpeter, Sefi Zisling will be playing in different constellations throughout the night – and brings us some exciting surprises from his own musical project. 


Ofir Dor © Christian Angl

Israeli-Berlin artist Ofir Dor shows a live drawing of his latest work from the nude series “The Sun and the Moon (Beauty Contest)”.

The Sun and the Moon – Red Man, 2019 © Ofir Dor

“The Sun and the Moon (Beauty Contest)” is a series of oil paintings of nearly-monumental dimensions. The series depicts a group of male and female bathers– nude figures rendered in free-flowing, generous brushstrokes, that convey a libidinous and carefree moment. 

The Sun and the Moon, 2017 © Ofir Dor

Fascinated with bathers, group scenes and beauty contests as depicted in the arts, Israeli artist Ofir Dor began exploring the theme several years ago.

Although the point of departure was Rubens’ paintings on the theme of beauty pageants, Dor has sought out other sources of inspiration to find his own unique way of expressing nudity.

Beauty Contest 2, 2016 © Ofir Dor

He browsed nude magazines and in amateur erotic photography; he worked with live models in his studio, and created from pure fantasy. The series is also reminiscent of other mythological beauty contests and group nudes found in the works of Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and Paul Cézanne.


Yael Nachshon Levin © Stephan Pramme

Founded in Berlin by Yael Nachshon Levin in 2017, FRAMED e.V. has been hosting regular events in the center’s space in Friedrichshain. Welcoming audiences from all backgrounds, FRAMED’s team of three Israeli-Berliner curators brings together international visual artists and musicians, with the aim to build bridges between peoples, with the hope and belief that art has the power to create such positive and inspiring connections.


Apifera is Yuval Havkin aka Rejoicer (keys), Nitai Hershkovits (keys), Amir Bresler (drums) and Yonatan Albalak (bass). Accomplished artists in their own right, the four musicians have joined forces as a new jazz group whose organic-sounding structures, harmonies and arrangements are intended to reflect the rich variety and equilibrium of the natural world.

Buttering Trio. Buttering Trio, a band based in Tel Aviv, have released three albums to date and have garnered praise around the world with international tours and appearances on major radio stations (NPR, WWFM and more). Best known is their hit song “Love In Music”, from the album “Threesome”. Their latest release was “Sail With Me” – a floating love song single. A fourth album titled ‘Foursome’ is eagerly awaited in July 2022. 

Liquid Saloon. The newly formed band Liquid Saloon consists of three leading musicians of the Israeli scene: Amir Bresler on drums, Sefi Zisling on trumpet and Nomok on keyboards. Their music is uplifting and contains groovy sonic explorations of sound fusing elements of Afrobeat, African Highlife music and jazz. Their debut album was released on March 1st 2022 via Raw Tapes.

Nitai Hershkovits and KerenDun. This connection between world renowned New York based pianist Nitai Hershkovits and Tel Aviv based writer and vocalist KerenDun (Keren Dunietz) created an EP that dwells in the strange and enchanting, presenting the piano and the voice in their most naked form.

Ofir Dor is a painter, a native of Israel residing in Berlin since 2007. Since graduating from his art studies at the Bezalel Academy in Israel, in 2004, he has been showing large-scale paintings in a lush expressivity, depicting men and women in situations derived from a subliminal zone of dream, the occult and sexual fantasy.

Tel Aviv’s top jazz and funk trumpeter, Sefi Zisling is a staple to the city’s local music scene. He started playing the trumpet at the mere age of 10, later enrolling in the prestigious art school Thelma Yellin. Performing in an array of bands since his early teens, Sefi has performed with almost every key player of the jazz world in Israel. Sefi has transcended his role as an instrumentalist to become a composer and producer on his sophomore album, “Expanse” (2019). His song “The Sky Sings” remained on Jazz FM’s B-list for seven weeks and was the Jazz Album of the Week on FIP Radio.

FRAMED founder/director and singer-songwriter Yael Nachshon Levin was born in Israel. She received her musical BFA at the New School University in NYC, where she studied with legends such as Sheila Jordan, Reggie Workman and Jane Ira Blum. As an author, Yael had a weekly column in the Berliner Zeitung together with the journalist Anja Reich (2017-2019). In November 2019, they published their book “Swapped Homes – A Year Between Berlin and Tel Aviv” with Aufbau Verlag. Yael founded the culture salon FRAMED in 2017, which has been thriving ever since. More infos here.

© Ben Viaperalta

Amir Bresler

© Ben Kirschenbaum


© Jonas Zolszewski

Nitai Hershkovits

© Shay Kol

Nomok (Noam Havkin)

© Eric Coleman

Rejoicer (Yuval Havkin)

© Ariel Efron

Sefi Zisling

© Stephan Pramme

Yael Nachshon Levin

© Muper Photo

Yonatan Albalk

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