SHIUR Absurdum Desertum: An Immersive Havdalah Experience

In the no man’s ‘land of the Sinai desert, after the exodus from Egypt, the worldview of the wandering Jews was transformed by a series of absurd experiences. The events in the desert vacuum led to a divine realization. Similarly, in today’s digital age, cultural/ethical norms are constantly changing. Havdalah, the Jewish ritual marking the transition from the sacred ›absurd‹ utopia of Shabbat to the ›normal‹ secular week, infuses the mundane with the sacred. In a night of ritual, text, performance, sound journey, music, and more, SHIUR explores theme of bringing those fleeting utopian moments experienced in the ›absurdity‹ of spiritual, festival (and club) settings to normal weekday life.

SHIUR is an international, Berlin based project offering immersive experiences with text, ritual, art, meditation and more. SHIUR has events in Europe, North America, and Israel.


Micki Weinberg graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley in 2004. He went on to pursue his graduate studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where he focused on biblical literature, along with studying the Talmud at the Mir Yeshiva. Weinberg has written essays and articles exploring German-Jewish relations and Jewish identity in post-war Germany. He produced avant-garde cabaret in Berlin and directed the short film »I Hear the Synth in East Berlin«. »Makembo!«, Weinberg’s first stage play, premiered at the ID Festival Berlin in 2016. Since 2011, Weinberg has been leading text-based study groups in Berlin as well as in other cities. In 2018 he modified the program to become SHIUR, an international, Berlin-based project dedicated to text and experience oriented events.

Presented by

Micki Weinberg, Astra Laguna (Caroline Mackintosh, Gerdus Oosthuizen, Le-Roi Nel), Hebräischer Chor Berlin

Light design
Wieland Hilker

Karl Gabor

Micki Weinberg

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Fri 24 April 21:00

radialsystem Saal

14 € | 10 €

1 hour (Talk, Open End)