»Wu Seyen di Chayes?«

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»Wu Seyen di Chayes?«


All the clubs are closed, and the structures that protect us dissolving. ANALI GOLDBERG, Berlin’s club scene’s most celebrated divine Techno Goddess, is now out of work. With all this free time ANALI GOLDBERG decides to embark upon a QUEER NARRATIVE REVOLUTION. Traveling through the globe in search of every species of gender fluid animal, gathering their stories and listening to their fantasies. »Wu Seyen di Chayes?« (Yiddish for »Where are the Animals?«) is an outrageous musical evening of queer oral history. Through distinctive storytelling ANALI GOLDBERG blurs the lines between fictive genealogy and collapsing autobiographical comedy.

Join the infamous ANALI GOLDBERG and The Entourage for an epic heteromorphic experience.

Concept, Text, Performance, Production
Ariel Nil Levy aka ANALI GOLDBERG

James Doyle

Lighting Design
Tom Schwartz

Norbert Pape

Costume Design & Teaser Trailer
Fábio M Silva

Original Music
Kiki Moorse & Dean Michelson aka Deanamik, Romain Frequency

Roni Lugassi

Dalia Castel

© Merav Maroodi

Ariel Nil Levy

Fri 19 March 23:00

Live-Stream from radialsystem

free of charge

45 minutes